APi Innovation, Inc
"Innovative Karaoke Solutions"
API Innovation originated and evolved from the need in the music marketplace for a high-end affordable solution
that was flexible enough for the home enthusiast, DJs / KJs, yet also maintained the quality and workmanship
necessary to meet the demanding needs and specifications of the professional music industry for use in clubs,
theatres, churches, and stadiums.
Starting in 1991 by a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience, API Innovation finds its roots in a
group of individuals that specialize in the development, manufacturing, and production of an innovative line of
products for those requiring a quality amplification, miking, or Karaoke sound solution.  
Providing dual-wireless and wired microphones, Karaoke AV-Mixer/Amplifier solutions, DVD / CD-G players (and
much more in Karaoke gear), API Innovation strives to become the leader and unsurpassed in its arena.
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